The Chef's Menu

The Starters

  • Squeezed artichoke with foie gras, lamb’s lettuce with hazelnuts 14€
  • Signal 73 goat nougat, coleslaw and smoked lavaret 12€
  • Cappuccino-Style Rock Fish Soup with Vera Pepper 9€
  • Wild boar terrine with chestnuts and genepi 11€

The Salads

Starter – Main course

  • Cat’s Tooth Salad (roasted diot, crispy Yenne Tomme, raw vegetables) 10€ - 15€
  • Landes salad (Lamb’s lettuce, grapes, pear, gizzard) 10€ - 15€
  • Veggie salad (raw vegetables, lamb’s lettuce, grapes, pear, falafels) 10€ - 15€

Vegetarian Dish

  • Minestrone of small vegetables and its minced veggie, coconut emulsion 17€

Savoyarde Specialty

  • Fondue with 4 cheeses, salad, with - without charcuterie 18€ - 22€

The Meats

  • Deconstructed Regional Beef in Pot 18€
  • Bresse poultry farm with crayfish, ravioli and bisque espuma 24€
  • Lamb cassoulet from St Cassin with smoked diot 24€
  • French veal chop (300gr) forest, rutabaga gratin, butternut smoothed 28€

The Burgers

  • Lumberjack Burger 17,50€

    Corn bread, reblochon, diot steak, onion confit, arugula, tartar sauce, salad and homemade fries

  • Le Biquette 18€

    Regional steack 180gr or vegan steack, red onions, hot goat cheese, candied tomatoes


The Fish

  • Roasted monkfish with smoked duck, rutabaga dolphins and cream of trumpets 26€
  • The fishing of the moment like minestrone to the crozets of Savoy and coconut emulsion 18€
  • Fried perchots du Lac du Bourget (Pêcherie Parpillon Bourdeau), salad, homemade fries, tartare sauce 26€

To finish on a sweet note....

To finish on a sweet note....

From Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday noon | Take away until 7 p.m.