The Menu

Menu of the day (Monday to Friday,
from 12h to 14h) except holidays

Starter – Main course – Dessert 17,90€
Starter – Main Course – Dessert 14,90€ 
Single dish 12€
Evening to takeaways

Children's Menu

Grilled steak or fish
with fries and mixed salad
A ball of ice to choose from
Water syrup

Menu at 28€

Cappuccino-Style Rock Fish Soup with Vera Pepper
Wild boar terrine with chestnuts and genepi

Deconstructed Regional Beef in Pot
The fishing of the moment like minestrone to the crozets of Savoy and coconut emulsion

Cheese platter (extra 4€ if in 4th stage)

Pie of the moment
Panna cotta with pink pralines and its lost brioche

Menu at 36€

Squeezed artichoke with foie gras, lamb’s lettuce with hazelnuts
Signal 73 goat nougat, coleslaw and smoked lavaret

Bresse poultry farm with crayfish, ravioli and bisque espuma
Roasted monkfish with smoked duck, rutabaga dolphins and cream of trumpets

Ripened cheese platter or Yenne Coop Cottage Cheese

Chocolate sphere Dulcey, citrus, foliage and blackberry pulp
The vine peach on her walnut couch

Monday to Sunday, 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (closed Wednesday)